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Love Vibration

Wellness Retreat Package

Friday November 3rd 2023 - Sunday November 5th 2023

Meet some of Toronto’s most accomplished and passionate facilitators as they guide you through a life-changing journey of healing and relaxation.


This package includes a 2-night stay at Muskoka Bay Resort, meals and the spiritual/movement sessions outlined below! 


Sessions (subject to change):

  • Dynamic Breathwork Session – Led by Eddy Tony

  • Yin Yoga with Sound Bath – Led by Sara Salehi

  • Sound Bath Practices - Led by Gina Marie and Anthony Pang

  • Chi Gong  – Led by Sean Singer

  • bodyART Movement Practice - Led by Carmelinda

  • Vinyasa Yoga Practice. – Led by Paria Mirazimi 

  • Saturday Night Party, Featuring DJ Carmelinda and DJ Paria Mirazimi

  • Tension Release Practice – Led by Sean Singer

​Starting price is $899 for double occupancy + HST
$1150 for single occupancy + HST

 Yoga Mats are NOT provided

Resort fee and municipal accommodation taxes will apply.

Meet The Facilitators

Meet The Facilitators

Carmelinda DiManno

Certified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner and Coach

Certified Yoga, Breath and Fitness Instructor

Certified bodyART Instructor

Conscious DJ

I believe healing and empowerment is available to everybody, and it is truly my passion to facilitate the process through Emotional Freedom Technique tapping. I believe that everything is energy, and where it is not flowing harmoniously there is disharmony and pain: emotional, mental and physical. A deep passion of mine is working in the world of mental health and addiction recovery. I trust with all of my heart that my calling is to support others in re-balancing their energy, and we do this through breath, movement, Emotional Freedom Technique and dance.

I have devoted my life to learning tools that support the growth and healing of others when they have been living below their potential happiness and inner peace.​Music has also been a massive part of the recipe for my healing. I used the craft of DJ'ing to channel my energy, and it soon turned into a passion filled profession offering me the opportunities of a lifetime. My creative juices are thriving, and I live to learn.


Eddy Tony

Dynamic Breathwork Coach
My urban retreat offers clients a safe and supportive environment to release layers of mental and emotional stress. The services I provide are influenced by the Master teachers and Shamans I have studied under.


Sara Salehi

Yin Yoga with Sound Bath

HBSc, MSc, Veteran, E-RYT, TCM

I'm an advocate for the human nervous system; a student for life, I am interested in tools of resilience that allow us to introspect, get to know ourselves and create a deep meaningful relationship with ourselves, and other human beings. I'm inspired by the miracle of the human body and love to share my knowledge about Neuroscience, movement and the connection of Eastern and Western medicine


Sean Singer

Tension Release Practice

I'm a man of few words, but what I do love to share, is the power of healing through movement. As a Veteran who served in the Afghan wars, I have used Vipassana meditation, Yoga, Breathing, Qi Gong and Tension Release Exercises to bring my Nervous System out of a dissociated state. I share my love of movement and all the tools that have helped me. 


Anthony Pang

Sound Bath Practices

Over the years, Anthony has cultivated knowledge and wisdom in the domain of Soul Healing, Chinese Medicine, Martial Arts, Qi Gong, Sound Healing, Bodywork (massage therapy), and the holding practice of a Quantum Healing Containers.

His deepest vision is to create a ceremonial somatic experience that has the potential to bring healing in many areas of the heart mind body soul connection.


Paria Mirazimi

Vinyasa Yoga Practice

Paria is a co-founder of Athletix Academy Inc. With over a decade of experience in the world of movement her knowledge and passion are rooted in Psychology, Mindfulness, Dance and Yoga. In addition, Paria has completed trainings in multiple movement modalities such as Lagree Fitness, FRC, bodyART, Pilates, PBT and LABAN/Bartenieff somatic studies.

Paria deeply believes that movement is a healing force and is dedicated to creating and holding space for her students to unfold breath by breath, to become a conscious witness to the now, to the self, to their growth and potential.

Gina Marie

Somatic Coach

Gina Marie is a Somatic Coach specializing in embodied intimacy through a Tantric lens. A certified Sound Healing Guide, Meditation Teacher, Yoga Instructor, and Breathwork Facilitator, Gina leads individuals and groups through mindful, relaxing and deep healing experiences fusing sound healing and energy work. Her passion is to co-create a transformative healing experience that connects the body’s wisdom and opens the heart. 

Gina Marie.png

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