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Tall Pines Package

June 16 - 17, 2023

Enjoy live music at the Gravenhurst Wharf with the tall pines line up and relax during the evenings with a 2 night stay at Muskoka Bay Resort. 

This package includes a 2  night stay at Muskoka Bay Resort and a Tall Pines Pass:  

  • Access to 19+ VIP area which includes:

    • Front of stage viewing

    • Dedicated VIP Bar

    • Exclusive Cocktail Experience

    • Additional Seating

    • Washrooms

  • Weekend Parking (Muskoka Wharf lots)

  • Expedited entrance to festival grounds

  • Charcuterie Box from Relish Kitchen & Market

  • Two (2) Beverage Vouchers 

  • Festival Branded Tote Bag


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