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Golf Lessons at Muskoka Bay

Welcome to Muskoka Bay Resort Golf Course, where we take your golf game to new heights with our exceptional golf lessons. Whether you're a seasoned member looking to fine-tune your skills or a first-time player eager to learn, our expert instructors are here to help you reach your full potential. We offer exclusive lessons tailored to your specific needs and goals, designed to elevate your game and bring new levels of enjoyment to your time on the course.


Ryan Barry

Ryan Barry, Director of Golf at Muskoka Bay Resort is a Class A member of the PGA of Canada since 2010. Known for his expertise and passion, Ryan's dedication and hard work have made him a valuable asset to the Muskoka Bay Team.


As an instructor, Ryan is known for his kind and patient approach, tailoring his teaching to meet the unique needs of each golfer. His motivation inspires players at all levels, fostering a positive learning environment. Ryan's deep understanding of the game empowers him to provide invaluable guidance, helping players master techniques and strategies for success. His friendly demeanour creates a welcoming atmosphere for club members and guests.


As a Director of Golf, Ryan leads by example, demonstrating the highest standards of sportsmanship and professionalism. Muskoka Bay considers itself fortunate to have Ryan Barry as a part of its team, as he consistently contributes to the growth and success of the club with his unwavering commitment to excellence and his genuine love for golf

Golf Pros

Daniel Turner

Meet Daniel, a sports enthusiast with a deep passion for golf and soccer. He showcased exceptional talent on the soccer field from a young age, playing competitively until he was 22. Despite reaching semi-professional status and being offered a soccer scholarship at Indiana Tech, fate had other plans when he encountered a setback due to a knee injury.

Undeterred, Daniel shifted his focus to academics and discovered a new passion for golf in 2020. Embracing the challenge, he rapidly improved his game, achieving an impressive sub-zero handicap, oscillating between 0 and +2. Within three years, Daniel earned his CPGA card from a 15 handicap, starting as a golf services team member and becoming one of the Assistant Professionals at Muskoka Bay Golf Club.

His golf accomplishments are as impressive as his soccer achievements, with wins in amateur tournaments and participation in professional qualifiers, including the RBC Canadian Open. Daniel's love for teaching shines through as he enjoys seeing his students improve and develop a passion for the game he loves. His long drives, a hole-in-one at Muskoka Bay, and numerous impressive scores attest to his dedication and skill. As he continues to pursue his dreams in golf and work towards his Class A status with the CPGA, his infectious love for the game continues to inspire those around him. Always up for a game, Daniel embraces every opportunity to share his enthusiasm for golf with others.

Remington Fielding

Remington is passionate and accomplished 28-year-old golf professional. With a lifelong love for golf, he has been swinging clubs since the age of 12. Now in his second year as a PGA Canada golf professional, Remington boasts over a decade of valuable experience within the golf industry.

Throughout the years, Remington has honed his skills and gained expertise at Taboo Muskoka and the Muskoka Sands, forging a strong bond with the golfing community in the region. His talent on the greens is undeniable, as demonstrated by his impressive achievements, including clinching the prestigious Taylormade Invitational Championship in 2022 and securing 1st place. He has also attained numerous victories in junior golf tournaments on both the Pepsi Junior Tour and Bags Junior Tour.
Beyond his personal successes, Remington finds true fulfillment in sharing his knowledge and passion for the game. He takes pleasure in teaching, managing daily golf operations, and actively contributing to the growth of golf as a whole.

While golf remains his primary passion, Remington also enjoys various other sports. When not on the greens, you might catch him playing hockey or baseball with friends. And if you think his golfing skills are impressive, brace yourself – he even scored a remarkable hole-in-one on a par-4 hole!

With an impressive career low round of 63 in tournament play, Remington Fielding exemplifies the true spirit of golf, both on and off the course. His undeniable passion, extensive experience, and love for the sport make him a shining example in the world of golf.



Golf Lessons

Private Lessons

45 Minutes each lesson

1 Lesson - $100

3 Lessons - $280   

Golf Players

Semi-Private Lessons

60 Minutes each lesson

2 Students 
1 Lesson -$130
3 Lessons $370

3 or more Students

1 Lesson - $50 each person


Junior Private Lessons

14-18 years old
(45 Minutes)

1 Lesson - $80
3 Lessons - $210

2 or more Students

1 Lesson - $50 each person

13 and under
(30-45 Minutes depending on age)

1 Lesson - $70
3 Lessons - $200

2 or more Students

1 Lesson - $45 each person

Personalized Coaching Program

Please speak to your Golf Pro about a season-long program customized to suit your needs

Golf Group Experiences

GOLD Experience

Learn Golf with a Pro. Learn all aspects of golf in 2 powerful hours of instruction. Complimentary clubs are provided. Maximum Participation is 6.

$300 + tax

SILVER Experience

Learn Golf with a Pro. A quicker version of instruction that lasts 1 hour. Learn the basics of how to swing the club in a group setting. Complimentary clubs are provided.

Maximum Participation is 6.

$150 + tax

PLAYING Experience

Play Golf on the Course with a Pro. Experience Muskoka Bay Resort to the fullest with 1 hour of golf instruction and 9-holes of golf packaged together. Complimentary Clubs are provided.
Maximum Participation is 3.

$400+tax for 1 person
$500+tax for 2 people
$600+tax for 3 people

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